Prayer & Worship

The Purpose: To connect churches and help disciples intimately know God and encounter Him in a more personal way, within families and as congregations. Helping churches join together and earnestly seeking the face of God.

Music & Worship Leadership:

Training in demeanor, skills, and practical methods of worship leadership.


Prayer Networks & Prayer Clusters:

Communicating prayer needs between churches and uniting in multi-church intercessory prayer clusters.


Personal Spiritual Disciplines & Family Worship:

Equipping in skills, methods, and strategies to help families pursue and practice the spiritual disciplines.

Disciple Making

The Purpose: Helping churches move people from spiritually unborn, to newborn, and then child, onto adult, and finally a reproducing parent. This is done by equipping church leaders in developing systematic disciple-making processes and consulting and conferencing that helps churches learn how to disciple.

Small Groups:

Focus Sunday School, Life Groups, etc. on principles of intentional evangelism, assimilation, training, care giving and ministry.


Family Development:

Equip families and teachers use biblical principles to reach and mature Preschool & Children, Students & College, Adults, Marriage, Parents & Grandparents.


Spiritual Development Processes:

Custom-design their own processes to systematically mature believers from spiritual babies to reproducing parents.

Membership Training & Development:

Custom-design basic training on covenant relationships and clarifying expectations from members and from their church.


Spiritual Disciplines:

Custom-design processes to instruct and involve disciples in prayer, Bible study, confession, personal worship, meditation, fasting, simplicity, submission, sacrifice, etc.


Mentoring & Apprenticeship:

Custom-design processes that focus personal investment in individual’s spiritual growth and skills development through one-to-one relationships.

Relationships & Resources

The Purpose: To connect member churches with resources they are seeking, to enable them to fulfill the Great Commission and Great Commandment. Moreover, providing forums where relationships can be developed among sister churches and their leadership.

Leadership Development & Skills Training:

  • Affinity Clusters: Connecting and self-training through small groups of leaders serving in the same role, from several churches (ie: Deacons, SS leaders, Bi-vocational Pastors, etc.)
  • Mentoring & Apprentices: Maturing disciples and developing ministry skills through one-to-one relationships.
  • Leadership Institute: Conferences in which scholars teach on a specialized topic.
  • Christian Growth Studies: Teaching seminary level courses locally, (Seminary Extension). Click HERE to find out about HBBI!
  • Minister & Spouse: Retreats, fellowship, health issues, counseling services.

Churches in Transition:

  • Vision & Strategy Planning: Consultants helping churches assess reality, envision future, set goals, make plans, and take action.
  • Crisis Intervention & mediation: Helping churches and people resolve conflicts in a biblical way.
  • Transitional Interim: Time-limited pastoral leader trained to help churches without a pastor to intentionally assess, heal, envision, prepare hearts and organization before the next pastor is called.
  • Search Committee: trains to prayerful, systematical match with new pastor.

Media Networking:

  1. Website, Messenger, Facebook/social media.
  2. Archives of Sermon Topics.
  3. Needs & Opportunities Information Board.
  4. Demographics & Resource Links.
Missions & Ministry

The Purpose: To equip & educate, while communicating needs & opportunities and involving sister churches in collaborative outreach and servant-hood. In conjunction with developing a strategy for engaging pockets of lost and un-reached people groups.

Missions Education:

Discover needs, opportunities and curriculum that equips leaders to train and involve men, women, boys and girls lifestyle “praying, giving, and going” on-mission.


Mission Strategy:

Intentionally make indigenous disciples, engage in lifestyle evangelism, and start Off-Campus Groups & New Churches.


Church Planting:

Participate in Ethnic and American new church starts, connecting church planting teams and local church sponsors.


Partnership Missions:

Encourage, equip, and connect church-to-church national and international partnerships (Cincinnati, Montana, New York, Romania & Burkina Faso)

Christian Life:

Providing information & practical actions to be salt & light in our communities.


Disaster Relief & Baptist Builders:

Providing training and sending teams to help stabilize and adjust during and after natural disasters (chainsaw, mud-out, feeding, chaplain, rebuild, etc.)


Collaborative Hands-On Ministries:

Connect with ministry opportunities.



Appalachian Trail (seasonal), Hospital ICU, Widowed Person Reach Out, Prison.



Raceway, Appalachian Fair & Carnival Workers, block parties, Backyard Bible Club, Mission VBS, etc.


People Groups:

College campus, Ethnic Ministries, evangelism & discipleship on local campuses.